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My Introduction

Becki Clark3 Comments
My Introduction

Self Styled blogger Becki Clark introduces herself

Hello, Welcome to my Blog Page!

Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in The Vines of Rochester.

I am so incredibly proud to be part of this exciting project and would love to share this journey with you.

So, before we move forward, let’s wind back 11 years when I first started working for The Collins Family, who are the mastermind behind this venture and that of my present employment.

Currently working as one of the wedding coordinators at Cooling Castle Barn, I’m just a very small cog working amongst a brilliant team of staff that put their love, soul, sweat and a few tears ( happy ones of course! ) into a place that we are incredibly proud of.

Despite holding weddings almost every day, we are often fed back that couples felt like they were the only wedding we had ever held. We all believe that personal touch is so incredibly important to our couples and their guests and of course will be injecting the same spirit into The Vines.

So, what is The Vines?! No it’s not going to be a wedding venue as the question has been proposed many times, but instead a place like no other.

A place of luxury, comfort and relaxation. It could never go unnoticed how the incredible team behind restoring this fabulous building have not missed a single detail. The hotel will bring you the ultimate in hospitality and experience.

We of course, welcome our local residents. Why not stop by for a coffee, a lazy lunch, evening meal or indulge in one of our classic cocktails (happy to sample these and give feedback if required!)

Whatever your preference, the team at The Vines are looking forward to welcoming you and sharing our journey as we restore this magnificent building into a glorious hotel and restaurant.

Part 2 coming soon.